Service Updates

All service updates are posted on the facebook group. Please search for on facebook and request to join when you are a customer. Non customer requests will be declined.

Since we have a snitch we have discontinued the FAcebook Group and Page. Please use the Ticket system if you are a subscriber for any support related issues

6 thoughts on “Service Updates”

  1. Gina Kennedy says:

    My service is still not working, even though it says everything is back up and running fine. What can I do? I have restarted it and un plugged it several times. Qhat do I do?

    1. Happy Gill says:

      Hi Gina. Please turn of the box and then reboot your router and then turn the box on.

  2. tanelumul says:

    my video club is working buy my tv is not please help

    1. Happy Gill says:

      Please reboot the device all issues have been resolved

  3. Richard Dion says:

    Just purchased 7 day trial. loaded emb with install guide. system cant find portal

    1. Happy Gill says:

      HEy Richard….Hope all is well now that we got that sorted out:-)

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