Here you will find the most commonly asked questions. If you come across something that isnt answered here please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

What devices Does this service work On?

Canada IPTV works on many different devices from generic android boxes. smart tv’s, Roku devices, firesticks and more. We recommend using an iptv box that specifically is made for streaming iptv so you have a hassle free experience. We recommend and also provide pre configured boxes.

If I need support how do I connect with you?

We are available Mon-Fri between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST. We do moniutor our Whatsapp chat support line for requests that come in after hours and we do respond back within a few hours outside regular business hours

Does this Work with Emulators?

Canada Iptv works with emulator software like SMART Stb or STb Emulator. Instructions on how to configure these can be found in our Blog section

What is your Refund Policy?

We recommend getting the 48 hr trial which is FREE so that we can ensure that your service is up and running before you decide to get on a longer subscription with us. Once an order for paid service is completed we are unable to process any refund requests. In case there is an issue with your service we will do our best to assist you in troubleshooting to get you back up and viewing your favourite shows.

Does this work on any brand of Smart Tv's

Canada IPTv works on smart tv’s thru applications like SMart STb, STB Emu, Ministra, Mytvonline and others that can be downlaoded and installed on your smart tv thru their apps store. Some Smart Tv providers have locked down what is available in their stores, we recommend that you check youre Smart Tv apps store to check availability.

Is it recommended to use it directly on a Smart Tv or thru a box?

Our personal preference and recommendation is to use this thru an IPTv box as it puts less strain on your Smart Tv and would help increase its lifespan. Its less expensive to replace a box than to replace a smart Tv.

I am getting a black screen when I view IPTv, What can I do?

If you do get a black screen then you can follow a few steps to try and resolve the issue. Sometimes just a reboot of your streaming device may be enough to resolve the issue. If this does not work and you are using emulator software please change the player codec and try the stream again. This issue commonly occurs with emulators only. If you are not using an emulator and have tried changing the software player and are still experiencing the issue. Please reboot your network and check the stream. If your Isp is cable internet please log into your router and TURN ON privacy mode and then check. 99.9% off black screen issues should be resolved by following these steps. If you are still unable to resolve the issue please reach out to us via whatspp on +1581 298 4788 and we will be happy to assist

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