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Ticket system

6 thoughts on “Ticket system”

  1. kjwhaling says:

    Can CanadaIPTV be installed on 2 devices?

    1. Happy Gill says:

      Hi. This can only be used on 1 device. You would need to purchase an additional subscription for the second device.

  2. Tmeister says:

    No Tv Guide….Been Like This Over A Week Now…..Please Fix………………………

    1. Happy Gill says:

      Hi there. We are working on it and will make those changes and updates once we are done with the NBA finals.

  3. paulpokrzywa says:

    Hi want to order the 7 day try but it’s charging shipping fee how do I remove that

    1. Happy Gill says:

      Please check of you have any other service or product in your cart

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