Canada Iptv works on “almost all devices” – that is true for any android based device that either comes with supported software that allows you to enter a url or a device on which you can install stb emulator.

Please take the time to read the installation instructions and download the free version of stb emulator from the Google playstore on your device to ensure it is compatible.. The free version of stb emulator comes with a demo portal. If you can install this software on your device and are able to view the demo streams then our service will work for you. If you cannot load the software on your device it simply means your device is either not supported or locked down by the manufacturer.

This is typically the case with smart TV’s made by Samsung and LG. Roku devices are locked down as well and only apps from the roku store can be loaded on them and therefore these devices are not suitable for this service.

If you really want the best experience then get one of our custom pre checked devices for a smooth and troulbe free experience.

Please note orders once processed will not be refunded.

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