We are currently in the process of testing our platform with Smart STb that comes preinstalled on Lg Tv’s. Currentlty it seems promising however we do not want to get everyones hopes high with any information that might not necessarily pan out.

People have asked me if using a Smart Tv is a good option for IPTV. Honestly in my opinion I would not load anything on my 65″ UHD Smart tv that could shorten its life span.

TV’s nowadays are’nt built to last and I have seen relativelty new Samsung’s, Lg’s, Sony’s etc go bad in a relatively shorter time span as compared to tv’s that were made 10 years ago. Hell My 42″ Sony Bravia from 13 years ago has outlasted atleast a couple of newer Samsung’s so far and till date is still going strong.

So fingers crossed if it does become available for Smart Tv’s I will allow you intelligent folk to make the decision.

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